Our perfectionist mastering engineer will master your music with only the best analog and digital equipment. Once mastered, your music will sound not only warm, rich, equal in level, tone and feel but will also sound loud enough. All starts and ends of your tracks will also be taken care of appropriately.

Preparation and delivery


We have some guidelines for preparing your music to be mastered. Please read this information carefully.

Files can be uploaded to our own WeTransfer channel. You can also deliver on about any other medium you have. For single track mastering we prefer the use of our online mastering-service.

Delivery of finished masters

masteredituneslogoFinished masters will be standard WAV files in 24bit and 16bit. Mastered For iTunes (we are certified supplier), dedicated masters for streaming services and Vinyl ready masters are also possible for a small extra fee. Encoding to mp3, AAC(+) or FLAC is free of charge.

Finished masters will be delivered digitally by WeTransfer. A DDP image or an error-checked red-book standard PMCD is also possible. Please do let us know before we start mastering.